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30 Juni, 2007

One month 😀

Alright. So today I participated in the 18th ESQ teens training for bandung blablabla.

I seem to have a new nickname. ‘Jeruk’! How, you ask?

Well, Ridwan Mukri showed one of those illusive images. Pictures that look like two completely different objects.

The first one was of a seal that looked like a kangaroo. And what was my guess?

Yeap, I shouted blatantly, “Jeruk!”

Then the trainers handed me a VCD for free and thus was born the nickname ‘Jeruk’. And the guys seem to connect me with oranges everytime.

Then the trainers showed some recipe thingy. The recipe for klepons.

Then Ridwan accused me of suggesting ‘Kue Jeruk’. Great.

In another session, he asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. No, he didn’t say anything, but everybody else — the participants — said in awesome harmony, “PENGUSAHA JERUK!”

Great! Long live oranges!

Oh yeah, Ridwan Mukri is actually a really nice guy.

(btw, i’m not using the title ‘kak’ because this post is written in english)

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  1. 1 Juli, 2007 8.49

    i do not understand..
    well anyway, i think you’re like a tomat-o

    somehow i don’t really like esq. hmm..
    no offense ppl q:

  2. 2 Juli, 2007 11.06

    gue kagak ngerrtiiii ..

    tapi yg one month itu kayaknya gue ngerti 😀

  3. 2 Juli, 2007 11.10

    intinya, gue dipanggil ‘jeruk’ dan diasosiasikan dengan segala hal yang berbau kejerukan.

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