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Segelas Susu Hangat

4 April, 2008

Pulang ke rumah. Duduk di meja makan.

Minum segelas susu hangat.

Melepas semua penat.

Hilang. Lepas. Santai.

Enak banget ya kayaknya?

Well, it’s something that I’ve been doing for the last few days… something which I actually shouldn’t have been doing.

I have tons of things to do, at the back of my mind.

A, B, C, D, E, semuanya bentrok.

Lalu badebum jeledarr. Semuanya meledak kusut ruwet syalalala.

‘Setengah hati’ ke semua ‘komitmen’ gue itu.

Some things, I can finish off little by little.

But other things? I have to choose one from at least three, all-important activities. Or I can go to one and hop off to another, each getting a portion of my available time as a sane normal human being.

Most of the time, things get as easy as me getting nothing quite done at the end of the day.

Behind me, I’m sure people are starting to hate me because of this quasi-idiotic habit of mine. It’s a consequence I have to take.

But sometimes, things get much more bizarre. I choose one thing, go to a place and do that, but get nothing done. Then I hop off somewhere else to do something else but find that everybody has gone somewhere else to do their own things, having done the thing I was going to do before I came.

When that happens, all that’s left is a disintegrated knot. Nggak ada lagi simpul yang nggak bisa dilurusin, tapi tali-tali yang terhubung oleh enigma tali dalam simpul itu putus semua.

Simply put, all that translates into one word: failure, disertai batuk flu yang muncul tiba-tiba dan makin parah aja.

I also know that a certain someone very important to me might understand me and all this yadda-yadda, but then again, she’s still a part of my ever-abstract priority list.

Pffft. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

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  1. 4 April, 2008 23.18

    okedeh gici watsap?

  2. 5 April, 2008 7.02

    watsap? well, this. haha. sibuk macem-macem rin.

  3. 9 April, 2008 13.15

    jalani aja dan…

  4. 10 April, 2008 17.40

    Begitulah hidup..

  5. 12 April, 2008 7.10

    hmm priority, yes? i think well organized people can handle that. but then, are YOU well organized? 🙂

    nikmati hidup mek, susah aku jg gmana mau ngasi komen, soalnya aku juga ngalamin hal yg sama wktu dulu, apalagi klas 2 makin parah, yg jelas sih menurut aku, if you know what you really want, then nothing would be a big deal for ya. but for sure, whatever you are, be a good one.

  6. 13 April, 2008 11.52

    well same as others dah jalanin we. I wouldnt give u advices tho i was in your position too. and end up with doin nothing HAHA.

  7. 1 Mei, 2008 18.34

    kita sedang mengalami hal yang sama,chiiee^^

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