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2 November, 2008

Okay, so I had two debate competitions in eight days. Tough days, but it didn’t turn out so bad.

The first one was PEDC. I was in SMAN 3 Bandung A, with Citra and Hugo. We started quite roughly, losing twice in a row. After the third one, we were rather pessimistic regarding the results, which were to be announced the next day. Turned out that we won, but then we lost again at the fourth round. After that, I did some mathematical calculations with formulae I made up on my own, and concluded that we would have no chance of breaking into the octofinals. So, at the last preliminary round, we decided to end our ‘career’ sweetly, with a rather passionate and ‘clean’ debate, so to speak.

Then it turned out that my calculations were entirely wrong. I won’t explain technically how, but the story is, we had a cocktail party of sorts to determine which teams broke and which teams didn’t.

Crazy Smukie guys.

Everybody was given a cup that contained a drink that was specifically set for each team. The teams who did not broke would have better-tasting drinks, so to speak.

First one, I had to drink tea. But it wasn’t sweet nor bitter, but very SALTY. You should try that out sometime, it’s easy to make. Make tea and add salt, and you shall feel the pain that I did.

So that meant that I still have a chance, but I still stuck to my calculations and thought to myself, I have no chance of breaking. I went on to try the second drink, which wasn’t so bad. Coca-Cola with soy sauce! Seriously, it’s not too bad at all, but I think plain Coca-Cola, with or without sugar, would taste better.

So I passed the second level. And the way I’m describing it, it’s starting to sound like Mario.

The third cup clearly contained chocolate milk. And in fact it did. Nothing special about it, doesn’t taste bad, so I figured I had lost my chance at breaking. I walked towards my seat, but… it turns out everybody got the same thing. Milk, which wasn’t actually sweet.

Then Chris announced several teams who broke into the octofinals. My team’s name was not on the list. Of course, I thought back then, so I went on to my seat.

Turns out that he only announced ten teams, out of the sixteen that would break into the octofinals.

The last ‘cocktail’ was aggravating. It looked fanta, blood red and all, but I was curious, so I smelt it.

It smelt familiar, ladies and gentlemen.

There I had it, a cup of FANTA mixed with CHILI SAUCE.

INDOFOOD chili sauce, to be precise. If I’m not mistaken, yeah.

Can you imagine that? If you can’t, you should try it. SWEET AND SPICY!

That totally gave me the stomachache of a lifetime, kinda, and shocked me since it would mean that I did break into the octofinals.

And in fact I did!

So yeah, the breaking rounds went so-so. Oh yeah, in the octofinals, the two SMAN 3 teams went head-to-head as cannibals, but at the end my team won, fortunately. I have my revenge on Marini for her beating me several times before, at AEDC and ALSA 2008.

So then we went against SMAN 2 Cirebon at the quarters and won again, then for the semis we faced Canisius College.

Canisius is the one institution I have never managed to beat ever since I started debating. The main reason was probably because of a guy called Bobi Andika. If you’re reading this, Bobi, show your gratitude.

I never expected to be a finalist, but after a painstaking fight to find pieces of paper stuck under chairs and people’s shoes,

my team was a finalist.

Well, this surpassed our expectations, especially since we only had two victory points for the preliminaries.

At the finals, we lost.

SMAN 5 Bandung took first and third place. That’s 3 million rupiah for them.

My team took second.

Canisius’ Febrian was the best speaker.

And that was PEDC. A very fun debating competition that has been proven to be essential for building the basics of any newbie.

The second competition was LEDC, held by the LIA English Debating Society.

Well, we did not win anything, only managed to get into the semifinals.

So-so, although there were some minor achievements, but not much. I didn’t have much shock or excitement as I did at PEDC anyway.

Lots of competitions still await.

I rest my case.

(haha ternyata pake bahasa inggris jadinya GARING mek! tapi biarlah yang penting udah nulis panjang.)

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  1. 5 November, 2008 5.52

    awal kehancuran bahasa indonesiamu huh?

  2. Marsha permalink
    15 November, 2008 10.49

    ayo gichieeee! semangat!

  3. Boby permalink
    7 Juni, 2009 21.50

    haha. i’m reading. soo. thx Gichie! gratitude, rite..? haha. but no, it’s not because of me. it’s my superb teammates.. =)

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